“Readers need to understand that science is not truth: It is a self-correcting search for truth. The fact that scientists don’t always agree is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign that the process is working correctly.” 

Columbia Journalism Review, March 20, 2015


Going Home to MIT: A Year as Leader of the Knight Science Journalism Program 

As the acting director of Knight Science Journalism at MIT—the world's leading fellowship program for science and technology journalists—my aim is to provide a full-immersion experience in MIT's culture of discovery and innovation for 11 leading media professionals from the U.S., Russia, Brazil, and the U.K. During my year as KSJ acting director in 2014-15, I'm also working to set up a new MIT initiative focused on how journalists can boost public engagement in technology and science. 

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Covering Innovation and Ideas from Boston to Silicon Valley 

Nobody needs a PhD in the history of technology to be a technology journalist—but it doesn't hurt. Since finishing my degree at MIT's Program in Science, Technology, and Society in 1994, I've worked to move beyond the "gee whiz" approach to science and technology writing and help readers balance wonder with skepticism. In my stories for ScienceTechnology Review, and Xconomy, I've tried to look inside the organizations where big advances take shape, ask how these changes will alter our culture and our economy, and show readers what they can do to respond and adapt.

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Stories About Storytelling: PARC Forum, May 2013

PARC Forum talk, May 2, 2013

PARC Forum talk, May 2, 2013

Is there a movie, a book, or a piece of art that changed your life? For me it was Cosmos, the original Carl Sagan TV series, first broadcast in 1980. The show's grandeur made me want to become an astronomer. And I pursued that path until mid-way through college, when I realized what I'd really loved about Cosmos was Sagan's storytelling style. In this TED-style talk at PARC, the famous Xerox R&D lab, I recount my awakening as a journalist, my switch from studying science to writing about it, and the new media tools that put high-tech storytelling within everyone's grasp.

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