You have a story to tell. I’ll help you make it clear enough for others to hear.


In my 25 years as a science and technology journalist writing for public-facing outlets, I’ve profiled thousands of innovators and entrepreneurs, exploring why they’re so passionate about their ideas and how those ideas might grow into products that change the world.

Now I’m available as a story consultant, helping your technology or life science startup or venture capital firm distill and explain your mission and your innovations to key audiences.

These engagements are thoroughly journalistic, involving the same deep research, reporting, interviewing, and narrative construction I would do if I were on a magazine assignment. But they take place inside your organization, and they result in a bespoke narrative report designed to help your investors, partners, and customers understand who you are and why your work matters.

As a by-product, you receive a full compilation of interview transcripts that serves as a kind of oral history: a snapshot of your organization at this moment in its growth.

My custom reports have helped clients unlock millions of dollars in new capital, resources, and markets. If you’re interested in discussing these services further, please contact me. Client references available on request.

I am also available on an hourly or flat-rate basis for:

Contract audio work, from script editing to full-blown show production

Editorial services

Conference panel moderation

Invited talks and workshops on media relations or podcasting