Going Inside an Art 'Epiphany' for WBUR's ARTery

'Museum Epiphany III' by Warren and Lucia Prosperi, at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts

'Museum Epiphany III' by Warren and Lucia Prosperi, at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts

WBUR's arts-and-culture section, The ARTery, has published my audio and web feature about "Museum Epiphany III," an increasingly famous ekphrastic painting at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts. What does ekphrastic mean? Take a listen to find out:

The painting is a 2012 collaboration between Warren Prosperi, a Southborough, MA-based painter of portraits and historic scenes, and his wife, photographer Lucia Prosperi. It hangs in the Penny and Jeff Vinik Gallery in the new Art of the Americas wing.

I got to know the Prosperis last spring through our mutual friend, Dr. Alice Flaherty, a neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Alice is actually one of the figures in the painting—she's the woman in the red turtleneck at the far left. I set out to do this piece because I wanted to know how Alice became one of the models, why the Prosperis set out to make a painting about art, and why this modern painting—which hangs among dozens of nineteenth-century landscapes—is the one that really gets visitors to the gallery talking and interacting.

The piece was my first real outing as an audio reporter/producer. It's a thrill to see it published on WBUR's arts site.

Special thanks to Warren Prosperi, Lucia Prosperi, Alice Flaherty, Ed Siegel, George Hicks, Graham Ramsay, Ibby Caputo, Sean Quinn, the staff at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and the students of North Andover Middle School and the Richardson Olmsted School in Easton, MA. 

Wade Roush

Science and technology journalist