Soonish is Here-ish

A lot of pieces have to fall into place when you're starting a new show, and this week, a bunch of them did.

Most importantly: the 2.5-minute Soonish teaser episode is out. Please give it a listen.

On top of that:

Also this week, I published a new "50+5" list at Xconomy, detailing my 50 favorite podcasts of 2016 (plus a bonus 51st) and five new apps for discovering and managing podcasts, including RadioPublic, 60dB, Overcast, Castro, and NPR One.

The first full episode of Soonish premieres January 13. If you subscribe now, that episode will show up in your feed automatically come January.

If you listen and you like the show, please pass it along! Word of mouth is the still most effective way for a new podcast to catch on. And thanks.

Wade Roush

Science and technology journalist